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Together we can be the architects of a better tomorrow

It’s easy to look at how fast everything is moving and feel overwhelmed.

We are witnessing the information revolution. Anyone with an idea can take it, share it, and reach the masses… for next to nothing.

From self-publishing to crowdfunding, technology has democratized the way ideas travel across time and space. Things go viral overnight. Stories are shared at the touch of a button.

Information used to move at the speed of glaciers. Now, it moves at the speed of 140 characters.

But just because information is moving quickly, it doesn’t mean it’s always accurate. Or grounded in reason. Or beneficial to society. Or purposeful or meaningful. Or true.

And the mainstream media’s shock and scare tactics do little to help.

All we see is suffering. All we hear is fighting. All we know is fear.

What if we flipped the switch and shared the inspiring stories?

The stories of our everyday heroes. The stories of true transformation. The stories of change-makers and do-gooders, like you and me.

We both know the world has more light than dark.

And when we shine light on these stories, we shift the conversation. We inspire others to rise up and take action. We ignite a movement for community-building and change. We create a legacy that our children and their children will be proud to inherit.

What might happen if we tap into humanity’s collective good?

Like you, we got tired of mainstream media.

We knew it lacked objectivity and accuracy. It was skewed, biased, and downright negative. But where do you find inspiring stories?

We couldn’t find any real alternatives. Most of the sources we found advocating for balance, sustainability and making a difference often came across as too radical. Too judgmental. Too restricting.

Some even made us feel that in order to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, we had to renounce travel, meat, city life, modern technology… and so on.

We decided to create a source of information that looks forward instead of back.

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones who wanted to live more consciously, mindfully and impactfully in a way that felt “doable”.

So we set out to build a platform for people who were more like us. People with daily responsibilities and diverse interests who also wanted to make a difference. People like you.

A platform that would provide an easy starting point from which you can make a difference – in a way that feels good and right for you.

Together we can be the architects of a better tomorrow.

We’re not on this earth to just live and vanish without a trace. We all have a meaningful opportunity to serve our communities and the world at large.

We’re building a community excited by positive news, eager to participate, and dedicated to building a better world.

Together and individually, we can turn ideas into action.

What’s in a name?

Our name is derived from an episode of ‘Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey’, a series documenting stories of humankind’s quest for knowledge.

As the narrator takes us through a vision of the changes in Earth and mankind in the next 40,000 years. And he says,

“The next golden age of human achievement begins here and now”.

It is a sentiment that stayed with us… and it’s the mission we will continue to uphold at 40k Today.


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