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  • Bin liners (or plastic shoping bags used as a liner) contribute directly to landfill waste, and inhibit effective decomposition of contents.
  • Unless their use is specifically required for waste disposal by your local council, their use is an unnecessary waste of natural resources. There is no need to wrap your waste like a present, it’s waste! 🙂



Landfill Waste

Wastes Resources

Environmentally Toxic


  • Assign one waste area in the house where waste and recycling bins are kept. This will reduce the amount of bins, and therefore liners, around the house.
  • In the waste area, ideally the kitchen, maintain a dedicated bin for recycling items such as glass, paper and plastic. Review your waste to see if anything can be reused. Many packaging items can be re-purposed or upcycled for household or educational/craft use.
  • Keep a small compost bin by the sink for kitchen waste such as peels. This waste can be composted or added to a wormery. Indoor composting is a useful alternative if you do not have outdoor space. Also consider that communal composting schemes, or local council organic waste collection services.
  • Waste by-products such as coffee grounds have many other useful purposes, see our guide here.
  • Any other waste that cannot be reused, recycled or composted should go into the final bin. This waste should almost always be dry. Use old newspaper (pdf) in lieu of a plastic bag to wrap the waste.
  • Or you can not use paper at all, and throw waste directly into the bin. Clean your bin with water once a week. This can be done while gardening to conserve water usage.
  • Over the course of a few months, review what you are throwing away into your bins and see there is an opportunity to reduce what you are purchasing, or change your purchase packaging. Have a look at our guide on produce bags.


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  • Watch the movies “Trashed” and “Bag it” to learn more about the environmental impact of disposable plastic and waste management. Trailers are below, enjoy the popcorn!
  • Tongue-in-cheek alternatives to plastic bag bin liners by BleepingCreative. 🙂





  • Check out the bin and a wormery trays:

Brabantia Sort & Go Waste Bin

4 Tray Tiger Wormery: Easy Access Composter, includes Worms

  • Do not purchase bags or liners, often made of cornstarch, that are labelled as "biodegradable". Everything on the planet degrades... eventually! But degradation within 6 months, or composting, requires the right soil conditions, and this is not the case in a landfill. More often than not, these bags will not decompose within an adequate time period.


Environmentally Friendly


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