My vision for the future

Gabby Steel

Organic farmer, Mauritius

In 40,000 years there would be incredible development in organic food production but we would still live in extreme conditions due to the continuing destruction of the ozone layer and our atmosphere due to the increasing population and carbon dioxide emissions. By that time pollution from industry and transport will be virtually non existent but our atmosphere will be so irreversibly damaged that we will be living in bubbles which shield us from extreme heat and cold. Transport would be via self contained capsules operated by super batteries which will shortly make an appearance commercially…

But in the shorter term Organics will become the rule and insecticides will be out lawed possibly in the next 10 years in Europe but America and China would take longer to make the conversion. Emphasis would be on the recovery of the soil and the earth.

Pollution will be a serious offence and will be actually policed instead of simply being lip service. We will eat healthier food and energy healing will help people to become much more adaptable to emotional trauma.

We will live in a much cleaner society.

What's your vision for the future?

In the future we imagine...

Jess De Boer

We’ll blow apart this concept of “sustainability” and moving into the realms of enhancement


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